Once upon a time two Boots decided to set off on a journey. Earth Boot was strong and stable, its shoelaces were tightly tied, he wasn’t afraid of rivers, rocks or mountains. Wind Boot liked its shoelaces a bit loose, and its nose was muddy here and there, she tended to stay behind and sniff the chamomiles every so often.

In the beginning the journey wasn’t easy at all. Every Boot tried to get ahead, so you can only imagine how difficult was to shuttle anywhere. Only later they understood that walking together – one Boot will be ahead at some point anyways – they will be able to walk smoothly where they needed. Even though Wind Boot saw how tight were fellow traveller’s shoelaces, though couldn’t help but notice how fine and soft its linen was. And Earth Boot used to pat often sour Wind Boot’s nose. Puddles or solid soil, it didn’t matter, they walked side by side, every day, helping each other. They couldn’t imagine travelling alone anymore.

They haven’t even noticed, how have they covered numerous miles. Got worn out a bit, got shabby a bit, the bright colours were not as bright anymore, they became even similar. They still walk together, up to this day, they slog, they leap. The stars are theirs, the Sun is theirs, rivers are theirs. And I was lucky to have witnessed it all, and now I’m writing it to you.

The fairytale-gift for Christmas, Costa Rica, 2012